Transfer between pier on Racha Island and Rayaburi Resort (Racha Island):

Regarding the complimentary drop-off service from Rayaburi Resort (Racha Island) to the pier on Racha Island on the day of departure, please contact our Front Desk upon arrival at Rayaburi Resort (Racha Island) to make appropriate arrangement.

Scheduled Speedboat Transfer between Chalong Pier (Phuket Island) and Racha Island:
  - Departs from Chalong Pier to Racha Island at 9am
  - Departs from Racha Island to Chalong Pier at 3:30pm

- Private speedboat or long tail boat might be arranged (subject to availability and additional fee applied) if guest is unable to join the scheduled speedboat transfers.

Rayaburi Resort (Racha Island) offers Scheduled Speedboat Transfer with a fee (see below for details), Guest must contact Rayaburi Resort (Racha Island) by email ([email protected]) to reserve the Scheduled Speedboat Transfer prior to the check-in date.  SEAT OF THE SCHEDULED SPEEDBOAT TRANSFERS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY AND ADVANCE RESERVATION IS REQUIRED TO SECURE A SEATTHE AVAILABILITY OF THE SCHEDULED SPEEDBOAT TRANSFER IS TO BE CONFIRMED BY RAYABURI RESORT (RACHA ISLAND) AND TIMETABLE SPECIFIC CAN BE CHANGED WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE.  Terms and Conditions as below:

Rayaburi Resort (Racha Island) offers Scheduled Speedboat Transfer from Chalong Pier (Phuket) to Racha Island on the date of check-in and from Racha Island to Chalong Pier (Phuket) on the date of check-out with a fee as per timetable specific below (Transfer to/from Chalong Pier can be arranged with an additional fee). Advance reservation required for the Scheduled Speedboat Transfer and the fees are: Adult: THB 650 (1-way) and THB 1,200 (2-way); Child (4-9 years-old): THB 450 (1-way) and THB 800 (2-ways); Infant (0-3 years-old): Free of charge.

Terms and Conditions:  It is optional to join (or not to join) the Scheduled Speedboat Transfer offered by Rayaburi Resort (Racha Island).  The departure time of the Scheduled Speedboat might vary (or cancelled) depends on the weather and sea conditions (and/or other factors) and the speedboat will not be operated if there is a slightest safety concern.   The Scheduled Speedboat Transfer is subject to availability and Rayaburi Resort (Racha Island) will not offer compensation (or will not be financially responsible) in case guest is unable to join (or miss) the Scheduled Speedboat Transfers and/or in case of bad weather and uncertain sea conditions (or any unanticipated incident) that guest cannot arrive or depart from Racha Island on the scheduled Date/Time.  Passenger who is Pregnant, Elderly (55 years-old or above), Infant/Child (under 18 years-old), Handicapped and/or with any Underlying Diseases / Health Conditions is advised not to travel by Speedboat because of the risk involved.

Cancellation policy:  if the Scheduled Speedboat Transfer(s) is/are cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled date/time (or in case of no-show), the total Scheduled Speedboat Transfer(s) fee will be automatically billed to the room and is non-refundable.  Return Transfer from Racha Island to Chalong Pier (Phuket) cannot be cancelled / refunded on and after check-in date.             

The sea conditions during the transfers are unpredictable and guest should wear appropriate and light attire, and avoid carrying too many/heavy luggage on board. Luggage storage service is available at Rayaburi Lighthouse Office if all luggages cannot be carried on board.

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